Wisnu Haryo Putro


Nom : Putro
Prénom : Wisnu Haryo

My occupation : Full time professional player as sparring partner with the Italian Federation of Badminton.
My hobbies/ pets : Football
My car : Honda Jazz
Favourite food : Indonesian food
Favourite city or country : Milano
Favourite holiday destination : Paris
If not badminton, then I would be : Professional Football players
My personality in a nutshell : Low profile

Wisnu in action.


You are a professional player, how do you manage your tournament calendar and stay competitive at each event when traveling all over the world?

In order to be competitive at each tournament, it is important to plan the list of tournaments in a thourough manner taking into account your current physical and techical preparations as well as to have enough time for recuperation between tournaments.

How many hours a week do you practice?

I have been practising 6 hours a day with one hour per day outside the court for fitness, musculation or running.

What are your goals for this season, from the club’s perspective and from an international perspective?

Personal objective ; to be under Top 50 in the Men’s Single World Rangking within 10 months. Objective for the club : to qualify the team in the play off after the regular interclub season.

What advices would you give to young players dreaming to become a champion like you?

Not to be scared to suffer when practising, to practice in a disciplined and regular manner the whole year and learn from video analysis but above to never forget your goal to become a champion.

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