Tom Dunlop


Nom : Dunlop
Prénom : Tom


How have you prepared this new season? How many hours a week do you practice?

I have been working hard in the gym to make sure physically I am ready for the new season and have a very good fitness base.  This is combined with regular on-court sessions that practice longer rallies/consistency.

Usually, I would train a minimum of 14/15 hours per week.

What are your goals for this season, from the club’s perspective and from an international perspective?

The goal for this season is primarily to stay in the 1st Division which is definitely possible.  I was very sad when we were relegated at the end of the 2009 season and thought that we had a good enough team to stay up.  I would also like to start beating some of the top teams to make sure we establish ourselves as a top first division side.

My personal goals are to remain fit for the whole season, make sure I am competing at the highest level nationally and try to win all matches for Geneva!

What advices would you give to young players dreaming to become a champion like you?

I would say that it is a lot of hard work but to make sure they enjoy playing.  There were times when I had to train at 6 am each morning so I could train at the same time as attend college/University which was not enjoyable at the time but helped me win matches and make me mentally stronger.  Also, you need to set regular goals in training and competitions so you have targets to aim for.  This helps you improve gradually and allows you to monitor your progress.

What is your best achievement?

My best achievements were becoming 4 x junior national champion and also becoming European Junior Champion, beating Jan O Jorgensen on more than one occasion.

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