Sarah Walker


Nom : Walker
Prénom : Sarah

My occupation : Full time badminton player
My hobbies/pets : Golf, skiing, watching movies, reading. I have a pet ferret and a fish
My car : MG TF
Favourite food : Pasta, chocolate
Favourite city or country : America
Favourite holiday destination : Dominican Republic
If not badminton, then I would be : A golfer
My personality in a nutshell : Laid back, confident

Sarah in action.


You are a professional player, how do you manage your tournament calendar and stay competitive at each event when traveling all over the world?

I don’t usually have many tournaments in a row so by having a few weeks in-between each I can mentally refocus for the next in training.

How have you prepared this new season? How many hours a week do you practice?

I usually train a minimum of 5 hours a day depending upon the time of season. We have a big training block before the start of the season to prepare us physically and to improve weak areas in our games.

What are your goals for this season, from the club’s perspective and from an international perspective?

As I have been injured for a year my aim this season is to get my ranking as good as I can. I hope the club can be in the top 4 of the league this season.

What advices would you give to young players dreaming to become a champion like you?

Train as hard as you can and take advice from everyone even if you disagree.

What is your best achievement?

I am still very young so I have not won any huge tournaments but I have 7 England caps and I am proud to have them and to have played worlds team championships for England.

What is your highest world rangking?

I think my highest world ranking before I was injured was 82 in singles.

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