Andrew Ellis


Nom : Ellis
Prénom : Andrew

My occupation : Full time badminton player
My car : Vaxhaul Astra
Favourite food : Chinese/Indian
Favourite city or country : Leeds
Favourite holiday destination : Malia
If not badminton, then I would be : A millionaire or model
My personality in a nutshell : Always up for a laugh

Andrew in action.


You are a professional player, how do you manage your tournament calendar and stay competitive at each event when traveling all over the world?

Our tournament calendar is organized for us and I usually go where and when I am told to! I stay competitive as my tournaments are spread out so that when i have played a tournament I have to wait usually a month before I go again so I have time to train and am hungry to go.

How have you prepared this new season? How many hours a week do you practice?

I tried to get stronger in the gym so that I can hopefully remain injury free. I try to train as much as possible and spend a lot of time with my partner training before other people get out of bed working on our own things, i tend to train 6 hours a day.

What are your goals for this season, from the club’s perspective and from an international perspective?

My goals are to be the best I can,I want to get back into the top 15 in the world and qualify for worlds and also neat top pairs in the world, I want the team to over achieve and do better than they want to.

What advices would you give to young players dreaming to become a champion like you?

Train hard and smart! You have to do what is best.

What is your best achievement?

Semi final of grand prix gold in Germany and been top 15 in the world after one year of plain doubles.

What is your highest world rangking?


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